Speccing Bull

I’ve decided to spec CBS’s Bull for my UCLA Extension one-hour spec class.

The first thing to do when speccing a show is to find out all you can about it and write it down in one place: a “series bible”. So far, I’ve gleaned preliminary information from its CBS information page and its Wikipedia page, which leads into a page of episode summaries that I think will be very useful as I develop my story idea.

Given the current #MeToo movement and the ongoing Brett Kavanaugh controversy, I think this is a great moment for me to explore the treatment of sexual assault victims in the justice system. The Season 3 opener made it clear that in this season, Bull will explore the theme of following higher ideals versus the pragmatic need to do often distasteful things for the money. I initially feared that basing my spec on the #MeToo movement would date it, but on further reflection I believe that this is an issue that goes beyond trending and beyond the times.

So I’ve just submitted my story idea. I’m waiting to see if it gets revised or added to, and I’ll keep you posted on the process.

Premiere Week

Hi! Welcome to my website. How appropriate that it should have its debut on Season Premiere week on the networks! For tonight, I’m looking forward to watching The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, and the Magnum, P.I. reboot. I’ll be reviewing at least one of these shows — stay tuned.

I’m also season-premiering my latest writing class, UCLA Extension’s “Beginning Writing for the One-Hour Spec” with Erica Byrne. This past summer, I completed “Beginning Writing for the Half-Hour Spec” with Claudia Grazioso, and out of that sprung the American Housewife outline on my samples page. Claudia was generous in her feedback and she knows what she’s doing, so we worked on my outline until it popped and bubbled. (And it has a goat in it.) I hope to take the second half of the class next term and flesh it out into a full teleplay.

Anyway, welcome, grab some refreshments, and dig in! I hope you enjoy the journey with me.